I’m a Network Marketer because I’m a Socialist

Before you go on with the anti-leftist drool let me first explain. I’m not talking about the deeply in ground false impressions of what we are meant to assume socialism is. I am miessence_bizop_250x250talking about the selfless (self LESS) acts of true socialism. The system where we all work for the benefit of each other.

I’m not interested in what you do with the money you make, what you buy, what you own,
where you live, nor am I interested in your nationality, sexuality, race, religion or anything else that makes you the individual you are. All these things have nothing to do with what I refer to as Socialism.

Lets take a look at a Traditional Capitalist Business Model
Traditional large corporations typically have a pyramid structure. A CEO at the top, Board of Directors under them, Managers who answer to the Directors and so on down to the checkout operator who bags your groceries or the kid who sweeps the floor after school. Only ONE person has the opportunity to take on that top position should the CEO choose to leave, retire or if they die.

You may ask, but what about the opportunity for someone to start their own business and become their own CEO ? Sure that is an option. But even if you have the funds to start a company you are still at the mercy of a finite resource. The theory of infinite capital growth from natural resources is a myth.

And now a look at Network Marketing
If you are reading this you either know the benefits of Network Marketing or you are studying the subject before becoming involved in it. Either way the benefits – economically, socially, environmentally & sustainably are the same.

You have the ability to reach the top level in the company as much as anyone else. The more “Representative CEOs” in a Network Marketing Company the better.

You are not competing for top level positions, you are encouraged and supported in the process of reaching those high levels.

The development and expansion from the company level is sustainable from both an environmental & economic perspective.

Assisting people to earn their living through channels that support each other rather than competing is fairer from the point of view of social equality.

If you have been Network Marketing for some time you will by now know that when YOU help others make money you in turn will also make money. Like it or not this is how Socialism works – Working for the benefit of everyone and by doing so for the benefit of yourself.

Those approaching Network Marketing from the perspective of “What’s in it for me” are typically the ones who eventually fail. On the other hand those who build their business by focusing on helping others make money are typically the ones who succeed.

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Changing Economic Perspectives

When we live in the present we don’t recognise change as it happens but when we look back years later we see a clear change has occurred. When I think of the music I listened to when I was in my teens and I compare that to the music we listen to now there is an people2obvious change that goes beyond evolutionary principles.

Often it seems people get mixed up with what is meant by change (current) and evolution (historical). Change is something that happens to us and we see it happen. All be it not until we look back after months, years or decades and see the change that was made. Evolution is something that happens over what can be several thousand, million or indeed Billion years. The fact that we walk upright and our arms are no longer a second set of legs is a good example of evolution. Driving a vehicle to work instead of a horse is an example of change.

Several decades ago the idea of a “Supermarket” wasn’t even thought of let alone considered a possibility. People would simply go to the corner store and purchase their goods. If it wasn’t in stock it would be ordered. Anything from farm machinery to a bag of sugar.

Using the same example as above, change can again be seen happening now as more and more people are opting to order their groceries and household items online and have it delivered to their door. While Supermarkets still exist and will do for some time, the path to online ordering has begun. In fact it is well in to its tenth year in the mainstream. In Australia this can be seen with the leading players in the Supermarket duopoly Coles and Woolworths each offering home delivery services with online ordering.

Not surprisingly this concept of buying supermarket items and having them delivered to your door began with the Network Marketing Industry with companies like Amway laying the path for the future of home delivered household consumables.

When economic crisis hits, industries begin to fail, people who had been employed in the same industry for many years all of a sudden find themselves out of work and often unemployable. One of the biggest reasons for this is failing to follow trends when they present themselves.

Network Marketing has moved through several changes since it began in the early 1900’s. It was initially simply a business model for distribution, then the Nutrition Industry started attracting attention and Network Marketing became the ideal distribution model. It was a consumable product, light weight for cheap postage, it attracted the Baby boomer demographic which was the largest single target market group of the Network Marketing Opportunity. And now the Network Marketing Industry is beginning to focus on the Home Shopping sector with renewed focus on health, organics and home based business.

Suffice to say it is important to recognise new industry trends – preferably chasing them from the nose rather than the tail, be prepared to accept change and move on to new ways of doing things and don’t be afraid to let goof the old in favour of the new.

Network Marketing as a business system is still here while many other businesses and distribution models have collapsed and it is going to be here for many years to come.

Its time to jump on board.

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Time for change: Corporate and Economic Structure

Is it time to change the way we think about, measure and deliver our economic model?

people1We have seen unprecedented growth under the Capitalist model. It is a system that has pulled many people out of perceived poverty and has allowed for growth in technology and innovation. It could be argued that we would not be as advanced as we are today if it were not for the benefits of Capitalism.

All Economic systems of the past have moved through stages of effectiveness and ineffectiveness and the question must be asked if Capitalism is approaching the end of its tether.

Whenever I mention this topic to fellow writers, friends and associates I am asked if I am advocating for something like Communism. Despite the number of times I have been asked this I am surprised that few people consider the possibility of developing a new system that has no association to either past or present systems.

We can look at the overall Economic system by looking at corporate structure.

To explain this further we need to look at a typical corporate structure as applied in a miessence_bizop_250x250modern business under a Capitalist system. A typical modern Corporate structure is shaped like a pyramid. We have a CEO at the top and underneath them a board of Directors. This is followed by Managers, Area Managers, Sales reps, Retailers etc.

Incomes and equality are measured based on the level you are positioned in the Pyramid. Additionally the further you move up the pyramid the higher your incomes and perceived social position as a result. We have Poor, Working Class, Middle Class and Upper class positioned within the pyramid. Picture if you will how and where these “classes” are positioned in the pyramid.

The unfortunate part about the structure of this pyramidal structure is it doesn’t allow for those at the bottom of the pyramid to reach the same level of equality as the CEO at the top. The Capitalist model gives us the idea that we all have the opportunity to reach this level but in reality it is impossible. There will always need to be “Labourers” at the bottom of the pyramid to feed the classes above them.

The John Lewis Partnership in the United Kingdom is a good example of a business model based on equality. There are 91,000 employees within the John Lewis group and 91,000 Business Partners. It is not a coincidence that there are as man partners as there are employees because they are one and the same.

An alternative yet very similar model to the John Lewis Partnership is the The Network Marketing System. In Network Marketing each member, representative or distributor has equal chance of reaching the top level in the distribution model and not only is this achievable there are actually those above you willing and eager to help you achieve those levels. By helping you reach the upper level in Network Marketing those above also take a step towards that level. Additionally you also have the potential to reach that level before those above you reach it.

Both the John Lewis Partnership and Network Marketing Systems, although structured differently are business models with equality, morals, ethics and in many cases environmental responsibility at their core.

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Differences between a Job and an Income

Job-FindingIts a dog eat dog world out there. Business constantly pushing for the increasing dollar, rapacious mining for the control of our natural resources, environmental destruction, loss of habitat for our native animals. These days Business is not about providing for our needs but for providing for accumulated wealth for those at the top of the corporate pyramid. We can’t always rely on a handful of International businesses with a mind for reaping and degrading to make the decisions for the rest by promising Jobs as a way of satisfying the needs of those who are under educated and want decisions made for them.

It would seem more often these days we confuse the need for a “job” (as in employed by “someone or something else”)… with a need to create an income…

The Dictionary definition of a “Job” is not the same as what society considers it to be… We look at having a “JOB” as having somewhere to go to every morning (or night) clock on, clock off and get a pay check at the end of the week…

But one does not have to follow that procedure to have an “INCOME”.

If that’s sitting at home designing computer software, mowing lawns in your own business, offering your services as a private contractor – or direct selling. It really doesn’t matter “what” if you do it well and do it successfully.

There are a lot of people out there who don’t need to be a statistic and a measure of economic performance by being classed as having a “job” but still create incomes to meet the needs of their families.

Personally I always avoid the use of the word Job because in the end its about income… It doesn’t have to be about being “connected” to a third party for the purpose of a pay check.

What we need to see is more businesses with a focus on Lifestyles. Business that focus on supporting their employees as a major basis for their existence. No one has ever become Independently wealthy by working at a Job. There has always been something else that has created that wealth. Whether that be an investment made by money left to you from your parents. Or being lucky enough to live in an area that has a property boom. However, outside of “Luck” there is only one Industry that has created more Millionaires or what I prefer to call Independently Wealthy people. I wasn’t surprised when I learnt that this industry is Network Marketing.

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